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Candle Info

Candle Safety

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.

  • Always place candles safely out of reach from pets, children and decor.

  • Please place candles on a heat resistant plate or container.  Our wicks go right to the bottom of the candle, so if it is left to burn out by itself the base will become very hot and possibly damage any unprotected surface it is sitting on.

  • Please remove all labels and wrapping before burning your candle.

The Secrets to a Perfect Burning Candle

Before burning, make sure your wick is trimmed to 5mm; always keep the wick trimmed to 5mm long during burning.  When wicks get too long they cannot draw wax up to the top of the wick..
Keeping the wick properly trimmed to 5mm during burning will prevent the candle from smoking and producing too large a flame which may also cause burning through the sides and spilling of wax.

Avoid burning candles in a draft as this will cause smoke and may cause the candle to burn out one side.

Always extinguish candles and allow the wax to firm before moving them.

To avoid fading, please do not place your candle in direct sunlight.