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Candle - pillar 5 x 7.5cm
NZ $8.00

Candle - pillar 5 x 7.5cm

Environmentally friendly Natural Palm Wax pillar candle.   Our supplier is a member of the international group RSPO (Round table of Sustainable Palm Oil). 

This pillar comes with a  feathered finish and is sized at 5 x 7.5cm with seven true and beautiful fragrances.

Item Code C201PW is white with a beautiful Gardenia/Hibiscus fragrance.
Item Code C202PR is red with a lovely Cranberry fragrance.
Item Code C203PC is cream with a true Vanilla fragrance.
Item Code C204PP is a pink candle with a Rose fragrance.
Item Code C205PB is a blue candle with a gorgeous Island pear fragrance.
Item Code C206PT is a turquoise candle with a refreshing ocean breeze fragrance.
Item Code C207DG is dark green with a true Christmas spice / orange fragrance.
Item Code C208DO is a orange candle with a Strawberry / Lemon fragrance
Item Code C209BRN is a brown candle with a coffee fragrance

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